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Daniel Assouline: A Mentor, A Master 
Daniel Assouline, UpClick ex-CEO and co-founder, is an inspiration to millions of people. He is not merely a CEO; he is a man of admirable qualities. His deportment makes people feel drawn towards him. His words influence. His attitude is infectious. His way of doing things creates a surge of enthusiasm. People want to be like him. People like to be with him.

A web conqueror?
He can be called a true web master. He knows how to master the art of thriving on the web world. When he co-founded UpClick, he was fully aware of the challenges ahead. Yet, he was determined to make this company a leading one in the virtual world. 

He does not boast of doing this alone. Daniel Assouline, UpClick ex-CEO, gives equal credit to his team. He built a competent team by choosing the right people for the right job. Then came the task of keeping the team motivated in all circumstances. He believes in being compassionate with employees and, at the same time, showing a disciplined approach. 

Leading a life like that of Daniel Assouline, Montreal CEO, is not as tough as it seems to be; but how many people are willing to walk that extra mile? Daniel has done it. He is humble enough to put in extra for his company’s employee welfare. He is not a slave to his ego. Despite being a successful CEO and being one of the most popular leaders around, he is really down to earth. He does not let success go to his head. 

Somebody with a knack to observe the finer qualities in people and the openness to learn can benefit a lot in the company of Daniel Assouline, UpClick co-founder. This is not about copying him; but taking inspiration from him. As you tread along the unknown path in a bid to create new avenues, you can make people like Daniel your mentor.